Hi Nitya, I read a small book.

When I got to my new room in the kids part of the hospital, a nurse was waiting for me. She was wearing a brightly colored top and pants with balloons printed on them. She said, “Welcome to the Kids Unit!” … When mom was next to me, I popped the raccoon out from under the covers. She screamed and ran out of my room! “Ahh!”

David dow

Even before “Youknowwho” (lets call him my stroke), I used to ignore these detailed information (like brightly colored top) – OR – I feel that even before YouKnowWho, I couldn’t even try to imagine it. Or, I just want to finish my story book.

But before YKW, I used to pick-up the important stuff (i.e. NOT NEEDED: just ignore the meaning – brightly colored top.) But After YKW, I can’t pickup the important stuff; which sentence is needed (or not needed) – it takes me time to read the story, and still try to imagine not needed – bright colored top. Hence, my reading book is slow!

Overall, this is not for my book – but I am getting a more superlative ideology. Let me give an example – if my (stupid) manager change it illogical code, but it will still not work – then simply ignore this concent (less than 10min), and move on to another concept (> 4 days).