26-Feb-2023 – Tata Elevation Run – Lonavala, India

Hi Nitya, first time you pinged me for the Lonavala run; first I denied to stop waisting for my time. One Strava runner registered first full marathon 50km. Finally, I registered for 35km.

My goal was to happily finish the race. For the practice weekend, I ran bell curve (10Mi+13.1+16.6+13.1). Arravied in Lonavala on Saturday morning- 25th Feb. I went to the Run EXPO; and no there was no EXPO – not even water bottles! Then on 26-Feb @01:30am – I was nervous because most of them were athletic. The race started @03:03am to ware my headlight. After 3mi, Elevation started 3-4mi was the most disaster for my body! But as my name is “Turtle runner”, I kept slow running, but I din’t stop ; except for my hydration break (water, restroom, eat). Finally finished my race @ 03 hrs 48min.


Hi Nitya, we talked today – immediately/suddently if I wanted to express story for the kids. I knew Pide piper story, but there were so different folktales (rats from the mountain in the lake? Money or Gold? Politition or Village Sarpanch? Where will the kids hide – ofcourse not in the lake. In the building or School or hidden forest? Lessons learnt? ) Phew! I read/w the folktale may be 30 years ago! Did I forget Moral, Character, Plot? The biggest problem is the missing words to explain/express to the others. Took me 15min ๐Ÿ™‚

After the meeting, I watched the video. There were a new varient ideas.

 - Hamalon is the traidtional town. 
 - plague of rates / apademick 

 - Pidepiper went to Authority. He also wear feather is his hats 
 - They should Reward them for 10 gold bags - they should have promised
 - Cheating

 - Played strange tune on flute --> persuade , messperised - rat drown in the lake
 - Authority selfished/denied to not paying gold. Played a different fluent. 
 - Children outskerts went in the cave. He closed the  cave. 
 - Two children didn't go in the cave.  Why? One boy didn't hear so much and one girl hurt her leg. Went to Authority
 - Got the rewards --> 
 - It is still said in Hamalon to hear the flute --> most imp!

Ask parents to watch more TV :-)

Hopefully, Good thing is that I can explain better for the kids ๐Ÿ™‚


D - Dedication (commitment) - I want to dedicate a new project (I will work for ~12hrs mon-fri for 3 months)
R - Responsibility (Importance) - I am responsible for my project (I will try to encrease more work for >16hrs; its my decision)
E - Educate (learn in school) - I want to learn a new product. 
A - Attitude (belief, Mindset) - I have to be positive behavior for my team members. 
M - Motivation (encourage) - I have to be enchourage other team members.


Hi Nitya, I read a small book.

Sometimes I think too much for the words, so I’ll try to elaborate more hidden meanings.

When I got to my new room in the kids part of the hospital, a nurse was waiting for me. She was wearing a brightly colored top and pants with balloons printed on them. She said, โ€œWelcome to the Kids Unit!โ€ … When mom was next to me, I popped the raccoon out from under the covers. She screamed and ran out of my room! โ€œAhh!โ€

David dow

Even before “Youknowwho” (lets call him my stroke), I used to ignore these detailed information (like brightly colored top) – OR – I feel that even before YouKnowWho, I couldn’t even try to imagine it. Or, I just want to finish my story book.

But before YKW, I used to pick-up the important stuff (i.e. NOT NEEDED: just ignore the meaning – brightly colored top.) But After YKW, I can’t pickup the important stuff; which sentence is needed (or not needed) – it takes me time to read the story, and still try to imagine not needed – bright colored top. Hence, my reading book is slow!

Overall, this is not for my book – but I am getting a more superlative ideology. Let me give an example – if my (stupid) manager change it illogical code, but it will still not work – then simply ignore this concent (less than 10min), and move on to another concept (> 4 days).