Manav is still attempting..

Half Marathon – June 2019

Overwhelming amazed Every Supported for ALL us! Humble so every ones! 

For kept Brain Stroke on 19th April, 2019: Allows no need called by any reason ordered: 0! 

  • Of course, kept very easily everyone for any worker works! 
  • Been a best support for runner walkers myself: they are keep even so healthy! 
  • Such been so perfect me healthy nutritions food, also so much amazed. 

Family friends helped me supported: How could so much continue. 

  • Some 1000% by my wife (Puja)! 
  • Calls Mom(Sushma),  Dad (Bharat), brother (Dhaval).

Of course, I did try myself to be a knowledge person me for hard work! Should help my hard work whatever up coming myself!


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  1. Good progress Manav. Keep it up, bro! This was surprising!

  2. Your fight is inspiring. Good luck brave soul..see you sooon!

  3. Aditya Budrukkar

    June 20, 2019 — 9:58 am

    Hey Manav…
    I should learn it from you, we used to have it together when we were in Pune, Cosmos F103 ??
    I am talking about spirit. Keep it up buddy, you rock and fill enthu in others like a messiah. Take care and keep blossoming.

    Abu, Lambada, Baddey, Malaniboy, Bhattaji & MumbaiBabbuwa.

  4. It’s seems like, just by the end of the post you were getting better..
    Keeping online journal is an awesome idea. Keep it up!

  5. You’re doing great! ?

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