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Manav should not right these words much:

Anyways, Just, Even, Started, Also

Speech Therapist


24-Jan-2021: Ran to Pagoda Temple and Gorai Beach

I write first. Then, I try to talk voice video.

23-Jan-2021: Ran to Gorai Beach and Pagoda: 
 - From Home to Gorai Ferry area (~2 km)
 - ferry = 15 Rs. Ran to Gorai Khadi. 5min
 - Hidden location (No people went to Beach). Maggi, bread, etc. 
 - Pagoda (~Essel World). 
 - Pagoda = VERY PEACEFUL. Elevation up. "Very Breezed", no sweat.  10min. 
 - Farry. to Home. 
 - I love, but it will finish my day. 
 -  Calories reduced. Saturday (Energy Drink - Old Milk) OR Ice cream!

7-Jan-2021: Telecom Auctions 5G in India- Read newsPaper. Download a copy

I tried to read newsPaper, but I had to write steps for my voice recording - that helps understand words.

Buy Global Spectrum Auction to  5G 
 - USA = 5G
 - INDIA = 4G
 - LTE 4G vs/s 5G
 - Frequency Band: LTE 4G = 2.5GHZ, LTE 5G = 1GZ to 95 GH
 - Low-Band, Medium Band, Highest Band 5G 5G
 - COAI - Cellular Operator Association of India
 => In Sep Auction SPECTRUM = E, V Spectrum band 
 Unlicened Spectrum | Licensed spectrum
 - Technology Meeting: 
     - DOT (bigger Director)
     - Telco came => Lower Taxes AUCTION for 5G
     - Google / Facebook ==> 3 - 4 minutes
News Paper

6-Jan-2021: Ocean Garbage

I read Ocean Garbage PDF, then I answered voice memo question: Download a copy

31-Dec-2020: Run to Dongri Fort. Download a copy

Nope, my brother didn't drive me to Dongri. But I got tired :-)!
I use collage photos with google Photo. But it selects random photos. The photos should be:
6-9 -1

Thanks Nitya to write the correct sentences.


29-Dec-2020: Photo and Voice Recording. Download a copy.

28-Dec-2020: Photo and Memo. Download a copy

07-Sep-2020: Proverb to explain: Download a Copy. See the photo:

1) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 
2) Better late than never. 
3) Two wrongs don't make a right. 
4) Birds of a feather flock together. 
5) A picture is worth a thousand words. 
6) There's no such thing as a free lunch. 
7) Beggars can't be choosers.
  • 01-Sep-2020: I read Readers Digest only once asked by Urvi (Speech Therapist). Even though if I can’t understand only once, but Urvi asked me to record my audio – Download a Copy. Bullet Points: (I had to write words/verbs First, only then I can record voice better)
    • Car Crash + 100:1 Serviver
    • Jammy: 29 yrs; Public relation
    • Molly: 28 years; Mutual funds
    • Colorado; Snow earlier
    • Truck Crashes Cars
    • Molly: Neck injuries; Head remove Body
    • Army person (Rodrique) + Mitsubishi car
    • Andrew Hospital
    • Molly’s Mom said – “She is Fighter”.
    • Doctor: She’s not going to make her well.

  • 19-Aug-2020: Remove Background: Download a Copy. This is very important and easier: https://www.remove.bg

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