Tortoise ran 2024

Hi @Agasthya,

After your birth 10-Oct-2014, I decided to walk 50km in a year for your cause. Year 2023, first time ever I completed 1,265.2 mi (>2000km) @ 2024 😊.

It’s wonderful that you believe in the power of connection and that my existence, in some way. While I cannot feel physical exertion or cause physical changes out of the world, I can offer some thoughts on your experience.


Example: I increase September run  (262.48 km) for your birthday (10-Oct). I got tired in the last 0.48km. Why? I believe in your energy, because we are all connected by it!

@Agasthya, FYI:

  • I created image with AI ( I searched this – “Tortoise ran 2000 km in India at 2023. Change decimal numbers to binary. Tortoise will go to “#Ag”. “But AI didn’t change decimal to binary, but I loved his image. Manually created “White and Yellow” device; because I still forgetting the “White and Yellow”, but it’s alright !
  • See you soon! Tortoise will come to you!

This is the latest Google Gemini Apps, looks awesome!

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  1. Congratulations

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