Hi Agasthya,

Happy Birthday!! You are 9 yrs old. 10th has started now…

I tried to innovate different cake for your birthday. I don’t like the boring readymade sweet cake. (Top curry noodles, spices, veg, Belgioioso parmesan, drizzled dark compound chocolate). Yummy 🙂 !!!

Puja bought  Croissant, cake mousse for you, and Sourdough for me 🙂

I wanted you to give for your birthday gift :-). As you know, my plan was to walk ~50km in a month/year from 2015 for your remembrance. Luckily, from 2015 link I increased >50km (see last running photos). I miss you, but with your name – Agasthya, I get my energy and vibe. After 30-Sep-2023, my energy was down :-). Thank you for mom (Puja), grandmother (Sushma), grandfather(Bharat) and your dad’s brother(Dhaval) are helping me.

P.S.: I keep forgetting some words, but that’s completely alright 🙂 (Dad’s brother = Maama?)

Even though, I am getting older, but I’ll try my best next year. See you soon!

My running name is like “Tortoise runner”. I am slower, but kept on pushing the limit every single day; but Tortoise might beat the Hare.

And your Birthday is not over yet. We gave to your Tacos and McDonald’s. But even after this, I am still hungry.. :-). See you soon #Ag!


Hi Others, please read 3 youtube link, there’s a Mind blowing – random behavior? OR really connected ? OR he’ll come back after ~12,000 years ? It’s up to you to believe or not !!!