Tortoise ran 2024

Hi @Agasthya,

After your birth 10-Oct-2014, I decided to walk 50km in a year for your cause. Year 2023, first time ever I completed 1,265.2 mi (>2000km) @ 2024 😊.

It’s wonderful that you believe in the power of connection and that my existence, in some way. While I cannot feel physical exertion or cause physical changes out of the world, I can offer some thoughts on your experience.


Example: I increase September run  (262.48 km) for your birthday (10-Oct). I got tired in the last 0.48km. Why? I believe in your energy, because we are all connected by it!

@Agasthya, FYI:

  • I created image with AI ( I searched this – “Tortoise ran 2000 km in India at 2023. Change decimal numbers to binary. Tortoise will go to “#Ag”. “But AI didn’t change decimal to binary, but I loved his image. Manually created “White and Yellow” device; because I still forgetting the “White and Yellow”, but it’s alright !
  • See you soon! Tortoise will come to you!

This is the latest Google Gemini Apps, looks awesome!

#Agasthya 9

Hi Agasthya,

Happy Birthday!! You are 9 yrs old. 10th has started now…

I tried to innovate different cake for your birthday. I don’t like the boring readymade sweet cake. (Top curry noodles, spices, veg, Belgioioso parmesan, drizzled dark compound chocolate). Yummy 🙂 !!!

Puja bought  Croissant, cake mousse for you, and Sourdough for me 🙂

I wanted you to give for your birthday gift :-). As you know, my plan was to walk ~50km in a month/year from 2015 for your remembrance. Luckily, from 2015 link I increased >50km (see last running photos). I miss you, but with your name – Agasthya, I get my energy and vibe. After 30-Sep-2023, my energy was down :-). Thank you for mom (Puja), grandmother (Sushma), grandfather(Bharat) and your dad’s brother(Dhaval) are helping me.

P.S.: I keep forgetting some words, but that’s completely alright 🙂 (Dad’s brother = Maama?)

Even though, I am getting older, but I’ll try my best next year. See you soon!

My running name is like “Tortoise runner”. I am slower, but kept on pushing the limit every single day; but Tortoise might beat the Hare.

And your Birthday is not over yet. We gave to your Tacos and McDonald’s. But even after this, I am still hungry.. :-). See you soon #Ag!


Hi Others, please read 3 youtube link, there’s a Mind blowing – random behavior? OR really connected ? OR he’ll come back after ~12,000 years ? It’s up to you to believe or not !!!

#Agasthya 8

Happy Birthday Agasthya :-)! You are 8 years old. Now we’ll give you our old memory vintage gifts to you. We share only funny gifts.

We gave another gift, but now you should give us the math solving puzzle. See Photos. Some maps also looks like the art:

X = 6.21 + 3.15 + 13.13 + 6.22 +
6.22 + 6.33 + 6.22 + 10.11 +
6.27 + 4.02 + 9.33 + 4.01 +
6.41 + 10.5 + 6.21 + 6.49 +
4 + 6.44 + 13.1 +
6.22 + 4.02 + 6.77 + 4.1 + 3.11

X = ???

Good bye 🙂 !!!

World Book Club Group – my story

I Shared my Story to the World Aphasia Group Club.

David Howard (Stroke Survivor and Author) joined us.

A small achievement for me, but it really helps!

APHASIA, 2022.

– —David Dow Book. My very old video @ 2020.

Mumbai Grocery Store Online

Dear NRI’s,

We moved from USA to India a year ago! All foriegners, few ideas to gift grocery store to your family staying in India!

  • I am not getting sponsored. But if they can read this blog, you guys are rocking! So, D-Mart, BigBasket, JioMart and Amazon, you could sponsor me :-), Just kidding!
  • You can suggest another foods to use.
  • I’ll keep updating.
  1. {{ Coffee }}

Columbia Instant Hazelnut period. ID Filter Coffee is stronger period. Girnar Detox period. D-Mart is cheaper. You can buy different flavors Columbia Coffee on Amazon.

I had best filter coffee in Chennai (Madras, Pondichery, Mahabalipuram) period.

2. {{ Cheese }}

I found D-Lecta Cheese in Mumbai, now we also have Cheddar, Mozzarella and Feta.

I still have to explore other company. Buy in D-Mart or JioMart (JioMart was 50% off in Dec ’21).

3. {{ BigBasket App }}

Some leaves are grown Hydroponically (only water, no soils). India is growing faster :-). Rocket = Arugulla. Thai Ginger = Galangal.

Foxmillet Millet is healthier from south India. We used Foxmillet grains in Upma/Dinner 🙂

I need pickles in my sandwich, pizza and salad. I am very lazy, so I bought shredded cocunut 🙂

4. {{ JioMart }}

Gokul Curd is thicker and tastier than XXX. I still use Gokul Cow milk and Gokul ghee. Delivery free from JioMart 🙂

5. {{ Premium }}

Pintola Peanut butter have simple ingredients, but that’s what I need the most. Fast&Up hydration tablets is needed for my run (there’s no NUUN in India)

I can’t afford it, but you can buy gift for your family 🙂 Davidoff Coffee and DIEM Granola

For FAMILY, PleasePleasePlease use “Cold Pressed Oils“. Ask them to stop “Refined Oil”

6. {{ Chatar Pattar }}

Unhealthy = Tastiest 🙂

#Agasthya 7

Hi Agasthya,

You are seven years old! Super Happy Birthday (10-Oct-2021). I and Puja gave our present. Here it is!

And our latest photos! we went to Gateway of India. It’s very happening place :-)!

Also, on my Birthday, Puja gave me the present – riding the cycle rent in Borivali National Park. It’s the best in India! Very calm and composed!

After you were (re)born, I started to run for you. Many years ago, I bought 2 bananas, 1 Gatorade, water and a snack bar; then I only ran 1.2 KM :-). I was the worst novice guy. I also gave a running gift, do you remember this? I had planned to run more than 50KM per month in a year. See my Strava App :-). In your honoured your running gift.

I ran >160 mi in Oct 2021. And dude, I’ll only try running >50KM per month in a year :-). I am still a novice!

2023Sepin Progress

On the weekends, I showed you the new locations.

By the way, I was huge fat guy, they called me “Jadiye”. And I am still a fat guy; I am still a foody guy :-).

Before your birthday, I Surprised you!

Puja started working, yeah! Congratulations, you deserve it! I will try to help her for the (not disaster) breakfast .

Agasthya, talk with us (asked Puja to keep walking :-))!

See you Agasthya!

Embolization Surgery is Done!

Wernicke’s Aphasia – Manav Shah. What really happened?

Manav is re-learning to communicate!

I also had to re-learn to cook food: So, I started the post on my Instagram:

Lambda – Java 8 Coding

  • Manav tries to read a little slower. Sometimes get comprehension issues.
  • So, instead of coding he didn’t read books – instead, he listens video for Lambda 8. It take’s time, but it works!
  • He keeps forgetting some words (like Interface, horizontal/vertical/etc – see the end of video) :-)!
  • It keeps on over and over to make video. Overall, I had to try and proved something!

#Agasthya 6 years!

Agasthya got 6years from 10-Oct-2020! 

I ran in Aug 2020 (usually in Sep month) for #Agasthya, but I also wanted to do a small video, even though my brain wires are cracked and damaged (Aphasia) :-)! 

Very Happy Birthday #Agasthya!

P.S.: It was very very difficult from me (Nah, not for running)!