Q1 – 2021

18-Mar-2021: Word is “Disguise”!

Today, I saw a photo. So, I thought that I should tell a simple single sentence. I know that I have a problem (Wernicke’s Aphasia) – it’s can’t be easy for me. I want to tell you a secret – what really happens for me like a toddler.

With my photo, I have to assume my brain to think. See below:

* Oh.. man/women, lady. I know women and lady. What is man and ******* (some other word). Anyways, do not think! Lets start: Man (check) 

* Old man, young man, Child, baby, cute (what? not needed for cute). Check - "young child". 

* Two photos for young child. Oh, let me think about the 2nd photo young child - Oh, his hair is XXXXX (Forgot the word). Sometimes, I know the word, but not always. It was "curly hair". 

* So, we have two young child are like friends OR
 there are two brothers. Are they identical brothers? I asked my wife - what other words are for - identical twins! Phew! 

* Hey, by the way, why the identical twins have brown blond hair V/S black curly hair? Nope! I have to decide that it wouldn't be correct! So, I crossed it! 

* I watched a lot of TV, so I thought that may be the young man got a free ice-cream first, then he wear the spectacle glasses to get another free ice-cream! Bang on, I decided that it's the same photo for the young child. 

* It takes time to make words like "young child". So, I will call him- "Eric". No, I wouldn't call for a big name (like Sahastrapuli)

* Again, I do not remember about the "unreal hair". I searched google for "unreal hair". Now, I have to call for my wife - she said it's called "Wig". Damn, I keep forgetting! 

* Hey Hey Hey, I only have to use a single sentence. I have to start. 

* Eric, two photos, young child, first photo = normal, second photo = wig+glasses. 
** Eric has two photos
** Eric has two photos - first photo is a young child
** Eric has two photos - first photo is a young child (which/to/in/out/where....) which is very normal, second photo 
** Eric has two photos - first photo is a young child (which/to/in/out/where....) which is very normal, second photo  (shows/see/watches) wears a wig and a spectacle glasses. 

* Oh, why should I use a very simple sentences. Let me try again: 
********* "Eric has two photos - one is real, another is fake" **********

* Finally, Puja said: 
*** Eric disguised himself *** OR
*** Eric disguised himself so that he will not be recognized *** 

* WHAT THE ***! disguised. recognized. 
** Period ** The End *** 


  • I am Over thinking. Eric is also very smart person as he removes green shirt to black shirt :-)! That’s another problem :-)!
  • I only write first time. Then I don’t reread and do correction.
  • Google Search. TV. Bow down! ** The End **

25-Feb-2021: Schitt’s Creek – The Premier (S6:E5)

Puja explained me the words (see Red color). Trillion words to go :-)  
- Schitt's Creek - Small Town
- Mom (Moira), Daughter (Alexis)
- Movie Premier (Free the crows). PR
- Crow attacked them
- Live Streaming/telecast Video
- Video got viral (I don't use go, got, etc)
- PR Stunt. 
- Alexis got Flowers, She may be famous.  

  • The Rich family became poor, so they moved to Small Town (Schitt’s Creek). Moira is the mom, and Alexis is her daughter. This is a very comedy series :-). I also like Dan Levy, but I will call him David Rose.
  • Moira worked in a Crow Movie. Alexies wanted to try the Movie Premier. Her theme is about “Free the crows”. Firstly, they put crows in the box.
  • In the premier, Moira opened the box, but the crows attached people. They live streamed the premier and then they got viral.
  • Moira went to the news and told her that Alexis tried to make PR Stunt. On the next day, Alexis became famous.
  • I still have to watch next episode. I think that Alexis got confused – may be she will stay back OR she wants to be in the Small Town, as she loved the boy!
  • *The End * | *Credits*

The rich family became poor, and then they moved to the small town called "Schit's creek". The father is business man, the mother is actress, the boy and girl are very spoiled brat. They mingled and blended in the small town. The boy wore designer clothes and he's planning a gay wedding. The girl finished the marketing degree, she became famous for bluuper video. In the end, even if they will become rich, they would still live in the small town. 

15-Feb-2021: Ward no. 21

First time, I went to Ward no. 21 and saw Harish to bleed from his nose. Now, let me tell you to rewind the background.  I was a middle class, then started to work, went to USA for ~5.5 years, but got a Brain Stroke in America, after some year went to India and searched good Doctors for my Brain Surgery, a cheaper option. Finally, we went to Govt Hospital and the doctors immediately admitted me to Ward no. 21.  There were ~30 people around in the bedroom; there are no delux rooms. I saw Harish to bleed from his nose.


On 5th Friday morning, I got very awkward and shy in Govt. Hospital. Of course, many families came with us, and one or two family stayed in the hospital. Now, I saw a bell boy fought for the doctors (yes, sir!).    Some nurses scolded them to the patient.  We ate dinner, and one patient steeled my Manchurian food. I got scared. I slept by midnight, but on 5AM – the bell boy awaked me to make shower in last 30min. in first day, I got little tortured.

The bell boy cleaned the floor. The residents/intern doctors came to study (not emergency) the patient late and hence yelled the bell boy to stop cleaning.  Finally, the bell boy, the rights of Govt Hospital could fight them, which is correct because even the doctors could honor them! The bell boy cleaned the floor 4 times (see the photo is so cleaned)! I also liked to bath at 5am everytime!

After some days, I started to love them in Govt Hospital. In the different wards, they put God photos in the wall. The Nurse scolded me to drink pills. Then she knew my name and also loved me. There were also only Indian toilet, and it’s humongous to flush our waste products. A bell girl cleaned the side table, gave hot milk in morning, two breads for breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner (Dal, Rice, Roti, etc). Whenever my family were not around, the bell girl sneaked me to drink hot milk in the morning.

There are many patients in the Govt Hospital. There’s a lot of paper work, which is time consuming. My family only supported them. There are very poor person that come from village to Mumbai. If the patient man sleeps on the bed, the ladies slept under the bed.  Poor people battling them to survive. Luckily, my families are supporting me. We went to X-Ray, CT Scan rooms, and there were ~100 people around them. I got goose bump! I don’t want to live in hospital if I get old! The new residents, intern Doctors in the Govt Hospital to learn them their skillset, and they also may go to other countries. However, big experience Doctors keep on working in Govt Hospital. I should salute them!

My Brain Embolization Surgery is on Thu, 11th Feb. In the day before, the barber shaved the hair near to the Groin area. I didn’ knew them, I should buy the hair removal cream. Yesterday, I ate before the midnight and put the Saline water. The bell boy woke up at 5 AM and gave the White Shirt and Pant (Dhota Kurti). . The Doctors can’t distinguish the rich or poor man with the Dhota Kurti for the surgery. Now before the surgery, they put the two Catheter near to the Groin area. And then they put the third catheter in my penis, it pained me a lot! I got a brain stroke in Apr 2019, however I slept for the Surgery. Now in Feb 2021, I got scared before the Surgery and then started my ear-ringing! [Only if I get scared/tensed out, I only did ear ringing sound 8 times] Finally they started Anesthesia for Surgery from 10.30 am – 1.30 pm. I woke up at 1:30 pm but even after the Surgery they removed the catheter until 5:30 pm. They asked me to sleep half a day, so they will still put the catheter in the penis area(f*c*ed up!). Now, the doctors asked me to drink Juices. I told them to get the Orange Juice [I also drank Orange Juice after my stroke]. I was so hungry that I thought that the family could run faster to give me the Orange Juice immediately. Really desperate! By the way, the guy stealed the Manchurian food… after his Surgery. Remember on my day 1? So, it’s not wrong!

Finally, I got discharged on Saturday, 13-Feb evening. I waved bye to Harish, he is still bleed from the nose. You should keep fighting!

At home, our 10 years Anniversary on 14th Feb, also Valentines day! We also walked to Dominos Cheese Burst Pizzas!


  • Can’t RUN for months 🙁
  • My Second Surgery is on 11th Mar, 2021. I only thought about Hair removal cream 🙂

21-Jan-2021: Elon Musk Motivational Video

I wrote an Advertisement!

  • Elon Musk is the Entrepreneur and Businessman and he became PayPal, SpaceX (Rocket Scientists) and definitely the Tesla Cars {I never bought a Tesla car 🙂 }
  • The Video started a news reporter to Elon Musk. Reporter asked that American Heroes didn’t like Elon Musk, may be he tried very different ideas, and he also failed.
  • Elon Musk failed Rockets in his SpaceX company, but he finally win to survived after 8 weeks!
  • He lectured speech that people can like their own work as life is too short! Also he suggested that people should work harder, making risk and something bold.
  • Different professions worked like Scientists, Runner, a dreamer, a gymnastic who can achieve goals!
  • {First: Manav |&| Software |&| Brain Stroke Apr 2019 |&| A, B, C //re-learn Every single Alphabets! Can I still achieve my dream? so :
  • return 0; }

Q4 – 2020

17-Dec-2020: Daylight Saving Time:

  • In the Fall (November), the weather gets dark early in the evening. So, the USA change time an hour before i.e. change time from 2am to 1am on first Sunday November. It is called as “Daylight Savings Time”. They started Daylight Saving from ~1960.Some people loved DST, but I didn’t like it :-)!
  • In the early Fall days(years?), many people went to machine work and they started ectricity in the evening. Hence, they changed time a hour ago from Fall (xxxxx) and they turn off low electricity to pay. Also, the kids go to School and see sun after DST.
  • I don’t believe DST now, let me tell you more xxxxx. Everyone now is using elictricity all the time – in work, at home, full day shopping? Then what’s the point :-)?
  • Daylight Saving start from 2nd Sunday Morning (02:00 am to 03:00 am). Immediately after DST timing, the Vehicle gets more accidents. The Vehicle Insurance (like Statefarm) work more after DST. People are adjusting time for at least a week, also children have to sleep early a week and also the teacher didn’t do more homework after a week. Even, the electricity time is the same.
  • Nitya, I also read the word document that Idaho started DST, but they got more electricity, it is insane :-)! I knew about Hawaii don’t make/use/have DST, it’s a sunny day (sunshine?) all the time! I didn’t knew about Arizona don’t have DST, good to know. Do you know about Roadrash game ? (I and you are old :-)) Roadrash game mountain looks like Arizona mountain. I know that it’s an off topic but we went from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas :-).
  • In the end, DST is correct or not (No, it’s not correct :-))! Some States are trying to close DST to bill will pass, eventually. See you there!

03-Dec-2020: It’s a best comedy life with pills.

Of course, I got a stroke, and Dr. Neurosergan had to suture the head. Believe me, it still pains. If I get hungry, it pains. If I drink less water, it pains. If I sleep lesser, again it pains. If I go on a bus/train/car and if I get a jerk, my head pains. It’s too complicated, so had to move to Dr. Neurologist.

In the USA, Dr. Neurologist suggested a very low called “Lyrica” pills (25 mg). And guys, the USA gets a Generic pill, it’s called Lyrica as “Pregabalin 25mg”. Of course, they would inspect the generic pills.

Now, we have to move to Alma Mater, Mumbai, India. After we lived at home for two quarantine weeks. Now, I had to go to the Doctor, a Neurologist; there were at least 100 people to come to their doctor. He talked to me and my friends for only 5min. I also talked about some ringing sound sometimes (eating, tensed out, frustrated, angry, etc? ). It’s a different environment in India – so they asked me to leave in the end. He now called my wife and my brother for a min, and hence he wrote me pills:

  • Lyrica 50mg
  • Admenta 5
  • Nuhenz

In India, the Doctors would buy perfect pharmaceutical pills, never write generic pills. Will they get commissioned? Maybe yes, but hear me out if they write Generic pills (they may not inspect 100% pills), some person could die without the pills? Would they be liable to license that doctor? So, doctors might be correct. Anyways, I knew Lyrica (maybe 50mg, which would be alright). However, I have absolutely no clue about other pills. Not even know about my wife or brother.

Do I only have to drink religious pills? I tried to search for only a small website (www.1mg.com). It’s something about “Alziemers”. I remembered that Puja asked – “I keep forgetting stuff”. Puja, I don’t keep forgetting at all. But a husband would want to ignore a wife :-)! Also, I can’t concentrate on parallel processing – eg: If I write a code and Puja talks more sentences, I can’t understand the meaning, but I have to say yes. At least, I am not “Alziemers” yet :-)!

I’ll religiously eat pills. Or I may be ignoring pills. Or maybe I don’t eat pills because I am already an “Alziemers” :-)!


I kept ringing sound a total 7 times. All the time, I remember a lot of understanding things. After my ringing sound, I do start movies called “Star Wars” (the First 3 movies only – called Star Wars 4 – 6). No, I don’t believe in incarnation. Life is comedy!

01-Dec-2020: Only 20minutes to write.

Tried to Read only once. Exposure Notification for Covid-19

  • Governor Jay Inslee wanted to sign petitions for App Exposure Notification called Covid-19. If a person uses Exposure App, it would notify positive Covid-19 in their nearby location. They wouldn’t even notify their names.
  • Bluetooth technology should be tracked and developed by iPhone and Google. Hope fully, they will decrease covid-19 due to these Apps.
  • Around ~160,000 are covid-19 positive in WA state and ~2700 people died.
  • Now, I had a lot of questions with Apps 🙂
    • Will bluetooth devices would lower battery?
    • Will positive Covid-19 use Apps? I don’t think so :-).
    • If only one person walks to another person and got a positive Covid-19, they would already know. So, there’s no anonymous notification.
Screen capture of iPhone’s Exposure Notifications setting, which is now enabled for users in Washington state. (Travis Ness / The Seattle Times)

21-Sep-2020: Justice Ruth Baker Ginburn expired on Sep 2020

  • Ruth was a lawyer and she also becomes a Justice supreme court. In America, there would be only 9 Justice Supreme Court.
  • Ruth was remarkable for strength, intelligence, brilliant, and determination.
  • She was 87 years old and she still worked as Court. She got ill, got batteling XXXXX (issue), and alas, she got died (expired?). Now, let me tell her story….
  • Ruth got married to a Lawyer, and they got a son called “James”.
  • The husband cooked delicious food (and Ruth didn’t make food), and he decided to retire. He expired in 2010.
  • Ruth got some health issues like Pancreatic Cancer, she got chemotherapy, but she still works like a workaholic. She only slept to 4 hours.
  • Many Presidents acknowledged her. Ruth was strong, fearless, and passionate. She told Trump is “Fake”.
  • There was a show about Ruth Justice in Opera singer.
  • I watched the Stephen Colbert late night show, and Ruth was working Gym everyday.
  • Overall, Ruth lived a remarkable life!

15-Sep-2016: Saw a photo and record my voice: Download a Copy

Had to write correctly:

I read a photo in magazine. The father and son went to the beach and they sat down on the sand. They look to the water. The boy point with his arms. There were two paragliding on the beach.

15-Sep-2020: Semantic


14-Sep-2020: Verb Issues – had to re-learn again and again to remember

  • https://7esl.com/common-verbs/
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R8ZFZVu2EE
  • https://youtu.be/nxtaLqImKH4
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nFEz9fVHqc
Sep-20MadeCleansKitchenat/in homeon weekendthey paid to clean
Sep-20Icleaned (formatted?)my laptopin office2 years agolaptop was very slow
Sep-20Peoplecleansspecsin office after rainingeyes get blury vision?
Sep-20Everyonecatchestrain in citiesfrom 04:30 am to 01:40 ambecause its the fastest transportation
Sep-20Bellboy?/?Catchballs in tennis court Djokovich plays in matchesthey keep balls in tennis court so that players doesn’t fall
Sep-20Manavis catchingbooks from Pujaat homein morningbecause she is lazy to walk to take books
Sep-20F1 racerDrivesF1 Car in Singaporeon the night weekendbecause they love the fastest cars to drive.
Sep-20CaptainDrivesShipon an oceanwith three monthsbecause they will sent cargo boxes
Sep-20ChefmakesPizzain the restaurantfrom morning to night everydaybecause everyone loves to eat pizza
Sep-20ChefeatsPizzain the restaurantat afternoonbecause he tried inventing to to eat cauliflour pizza.
Sep-20Lion/ Monkey/ cobraeatsMeat/ Banana/ frogs
Sep-20Pianist/Guitarist playscasio/guitar
Sep-20Cricketerplayscricketat Wankhedia in Mumbaion the last final 20-20 on Aug 2020because India loves Cricket