Speech Illustrated Cards (Red was Bad)

  1. The boy is depositing a check. 
  2. The boy is shaving his face.
  3. The girl is putting on her makeup. 
  4. The boy is lifting weights. 
  5. The chef is cutting the turkey. 
  6. The man is driving a truck. 
  7. The woman is writing a letter. 
  8. The woman is plating the table.
  9. The boy is looking for his shoes.
  10. The people are sitting in this chair.
  11. The lady is washing the car. 
  12. The couple are crossing the street. 
  13. The man is Signing his name. 
  14. The friends are watching a movie. 
  15. The man is hanging up a picture.
  16. The man is eating a hamburger. 
  17. The maid is making the bed. 
  18. The nurse is pushing a wheelchair. 
  19. The lady is walking us the stair. 
  20. The operator is speaking on the telephone. 
  21. The mailman is giving the mail. / The lady is getting the mail.
  22. The lady is stitching a dress. 
  23. The lady is taking a shower. 
  24. The boy is opening the Present. 
  25. The boy is blowing out the candles. 
  26. The ladies are playing the cards.
  27. The woman is shopping for groceries. 
  28. The painter is painting a picture. 
  29. The man is gifting her flowers. 
  30. The chef is making/preparing eggs.
  31. The lady is watering the plant
  32. The man is limping/walking on crutches. 
  33. The woman is looking at his watch. 
  34. The mother is waiving off to her child. 
  35. The man is waiting for the bus. 
  36. The grandmother is reading a letter. 
  37. The people are swimming in the pool. 
  38. The cyclist is riding the bicycle. 
  39. The shoeshiner is polishing the shoes. 
  40. The man is cleaning the windshield.